2018年5月21日、横浜シンポジア(横浜市)にて、「高度外国人材採用セミナー~外国人留学生の活用~」と題したイベントが開催され、SPeak(スピーク)が協力企業として登壇しました。[主催:日本貿易振興機構(ジェトロ)横浜貿易情報センター、横浜商工会議所、横浜市経済局 後援:公益財団法人横浜企業経営支援財団]。外国人留学生採用をしている・興味を持っている企業・関係者の方々が60名以上ご来場されました。

 よくある勉強会とは違い、日本での就職を目指す外国人留学生の声を企業へ届ける場として、SPeak会員留学生4名の協力のもと、自己紹介(なぜ日本に来たか?)~パネルディスカッションを実施。SPeak事業責任者が中立的なモダレーターとなり、実際に日本の大学・大学院に留学している外国人留学生と ①キャリアについて ②日本企業について ③留学生からのメッセージ について議論を交わしました。特に、企業側が気になる外国人採用に関する聞きづらい事も議論することで、イベント会場は留学生の一語一句に集中する雰囲気に包まれました。



 <放送予定> 2018年5月25日(金)正午12時~ テレビ神奈川 「猫ひたプラス」   
        2018年5月25日(金)夕方18時~ テレビ神奈川 「tvkニュースハーバー」



 <お問合せ先> info@speakmatch.jp 又は 03-6303-1470  (担当:カラハシ/コトダ/ムカサ)

An event entitled “Advanced Foreign Human Resource Recruitment Seminar – Engagement with Foreign International Students” was held in Yokohama on 22 May 2018 with collaboration of SPeak. The event was sponsored by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Yokohama Chamber of the Commerce and Industry, Yokohama City Economic Bureau with support of Yokohama Enterprise Management Foundation.
More than 60 people from companies, being interested in international recruitment, have participated.

Unlike most of the study sessions, SPeak used a chance to deliver the voices of international students to the companies by organizing a panel discussion with four actual international students – members of SPeak.
The SPeak project manager became a neutral moderator, engaging the students in the conversation about career paths, Japanese companies and their messages.
Particularly, discussions were concentrated on difficulties of the companies that are involved in international recruiting, in the atmosphere where the students themselves had a chance to be heard.

Also, during the event, SPeak held a seminar named “Options for Hiring International Students, Countermeasures, Cases – SPeak’s goal”. During the seminar we talked about our survey results, field surveys and examples, sharing the hints on recruiting graduating international students.

The great success of the event was evaluated by comments we received after it, such as “International recruitment has come to feel more familiar” and “After all, it is very important to engage with as many foreign students as possible”.

The event was covered by media. The TV broadcast is scheduled on:
25 May (Fri) 2018 12:00 – TV Kanagawa "Neko hita plus"
25 May 2018 (Fri) 18:00 – TV Kanagawa "tvk News Harbor"

In the future, SPeak plans to organize own events and participate in events organized by companies and associations, regardless of whether they intended for international students or for companies interested in acquiring global talents.
Please feel free to send us any comments and opinions.
Contacts: info@speakmatch.jp or 03-6303-1470 (Karahashi / Kotoda / Mukasa)