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No more job-fairs.
SPeak enables international students to search & schedule meeting with excellent companies.

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    "Shukatsu" Mentor

    Experienced SPeak counselor assists your job-hunt in Japan *Schedule an appointment on your MyPage

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    Seach, Schedule Visit Reservation / Receive Visit Offer for/from Companies

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    Monthly Mentoring after employment.
    If companies request, Mentor visits your company after you start working for a company.

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    Annual event for SPeak’s International Students

*All services are free for International Students
*Please Contact SPeak for costs of the services (for Companies)

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about Organizing Company


Thirty-four bldg. 1-14-3 Hashimoto Midori-ku
Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken JAPAN
Founded  1992
Capital 100 million yen
# of Employees 65 as of 2017
Company Website http://www.thirty-four.co.jp
[Tokyo Office]
KN Daikanyama Shinkai 9F
1-1-71 Nakameguro, Meguroku, Tokyo. JAPAN

Why the name “Speak”?

  • “Speak” =We will play our role to speak for more Japanese companies to the world.
  • “SPeak” = Abbreviation for Special. We will provide “Special” successful experiences along with companies and talents.
  • why the ”P” ?
    = Design is inspired by “megaphone / bullhorn” to show our will to give greater impact on society,rather than one person’s job. SPeak will spread more talents and companies to the world, just like an audio-speaker.